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The aerial photograph was taken in spring 2006. Click here to get information on specific impacts that have been defined since.

Contract A

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Detailed neighborhood-by-neighborhood maps of Contract A. Note: Maps are subject to change due to design refinements.


Contact A will build the first and westernmost portion of the ICC, extending seven miles from I-370 to just east of MD 97 (Georgia Avenue) in Montgomery County.  The contract will improve approximately one mile of existing I-370 and build six miles of new highway to the east.

Contract A Map
Contract A map.

Access to and from the ICC will be served by three interchanges located at I-370/MD 355 (Frederick Avenue), I-370 /Shady Grove Road and the access road to the Shady Grove Metro Station, and I-370/MD 97 (Georgia Avenue).

The project will widen four bridges on I-370 and construct 18 new bridges, providing cross-ICC access to residents and helping the ICC better protect the natural environment below.  Major roads crossed by the Contract A include MD 97 (Georgia Avenue), MD 355 (Frederick Avenue), MD 115 (Muncaster Mill Road), Redland Road, Shady Grove Road, Emory Lane, and Needwood Lane.


Notable elements of Contract A include an approximately 600-foot long “deck-over” structure where the ICC crosses under Olde Mill Run. The deck and adjacent areas will be covered with soil and plantings.  The ICC will be lowered below existing ground in this area, lessening the highway’s presence in the community.

Mill Run Deckover

East of the deck-over, the ICC will cross Rock Creek on an arch bridge that will be designed to complement the natural terrain.  Recognizing the sensitive environmental features at this and other locations on the project, special precautions will be taken during construction to minimize potential impacts.

Drawing of arch bridge crossing over Rock Creek Park.

At MD 97 (Georgia Avenue) special efforts have been made to reduce impacts.  In response to community requests, initial plans which had the ICC traveling over MD 97 were substantially changed.  Now, the ICC will be depressed below this major north-south road, substantially lowering its profile in the surrounding residential neighborhoods of Brooke Manor, Smalls Nursery and others on the south side of Olney.  Further visual screening will be provided by earth berms that will line the ICC.  Additionally, the MD 97 bridge over the ICC will be designed with aesthetics in mind.

Sound walls (approximately five miles) and berms will be used extensively throughout Contract A, reducing the visual and noise impacts from the ICC.  Stream crossings, including bridges and culverts, will be carefully designed to minimize impacts to the stream, with many designed to provide deer and/or small mammal passage. 

Contract A will build approximately 3.3 miles of bike paths.


The ICC project team is committed to ongoing open communication with affected communities while the highway is designed and built.  The team will make every effort to keep impacts on local communities to a minimum, including minimizing construction noise and dust and maintaining local vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

MD 97 Overpass

MD 97 Overpass Rendering 2
Drawings of the ICC traveling under MD 97, a change stemming from community requests for a lower profile.


This portion of the ICC will provide a much-needed connection between MD 97 and the I-270 corridor. This connection will relieve congestion on several local arteries, many of which are winding, two-lane roads.   The ICC will not only reduce traffic congestion on these roads, it will make them safer by removing conflicts between cross-county commuters, trucks and local residents.

Cross Country Travel
Traveling cross-county currently requires driving hilly, twisting two-lane roads that are frequently congested.  Poor sightlines and unfettered access from driveways and cross-streets increases the risk of crashes.

The ICC project includes funding to implement the results of a currently underway study of east-west transit on the ICC.

Road Level Analysis
Drawing shows how the ICC’s six lanes will array and be buffered by landscaping.

Contract A will be opened to traffic upon completion in late 2010, even while the remaining contracts to the east are still under construction.


Contract A Timeline

(all dates are subject to change)